Superluminal: Chapters 1-5

Superluminal, the new book by R. W. Frost, follows David Minor’s experiences with MitsukoTek Corporation’s troublesome Satellite 9.  It is the year 2035 and a new technology has swept the globe… Here are Chapters 1 through 5.

Chapter 1 Wanting to be left alone, David finds himself caught up in something uncomfortable.

Chapter 2: David finds he has caught the interest of MitsukoTeK Corporation.

Chapter 3: More on David Minor’s uneasy relationship with MitsukoTek Corporation as he is drawn into helping their wayward Satellite 9.

Chapter 4: David finds that surpassing Siggy and Kwan to get to Satellite 9 may have real benefits.

Chapter 5: David finds Qishu to be more than he expected in Chapter 5 of R. W. Frost’s Superluminal.

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