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Halloween Design Project

Students in my MAE 245 Advanced Kinematic Synthesis class have designed Halloween decorations using a four-bar linkage by itself or in combination with a parallelogram or pantograph linkage. You can see the work of teams 1, 2 and 3 in the video:

Leg Mechanism for a Mechanical Walker

This is an animation of the leg mechanism for a mechanical walker designed using function generators to drive the hip and knee joints. A second parallelogram linkage is used to construct a translating leg that allows placement of the foot trajectory where ever the designer chooses.

Construction of a Leg Mechanism

This is a series of four videos that show how to: Specify three positions for the foot of a leg consisting of a hip and knee joint; Use three position synthesis to design a four-bar function generator to guide the hip joint; Then use three position synthesis to design a second four-bar function generator to […]

Construction for Three-Position Synthesis of a Four-Bar Linkage

The graphical construction of a four-bar function generator that coordinates three input and three output angles is presented in the video below. It is possible to coordinate as many as five input-output angles, but this requires numerical calculations using software like our MechGen FG iOS application. More notes on Kinematic Synthesis    Also see my book Kinematic […]