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Walker Solid Model Animations

Here are the solid models of some of the walkers designed by UC Irvine students in my Spring 2019 course MAE 183 Kinematic Synthesis of Mechanisms. Walker Group 1 Walker Group 2 Walker Group 4 Walker Group 6 Walker Group 8 Walker Group 9 Walker Group 10

Animation of the Leg Mechanism

This is an animation of the leg mechanism designed using function generators to drive the hip and knee joints. A second parallelogram linkage is used to construct a translating leg that allows placement of the foot trajectory where ever the designer chooses.

Construction of a Leg Mechanism

This is a series of four videos that show how to: Specify three positions for the foot of a leg consisting of a hip and knee joint; Use three position synthesis to design a four-bar function generator to guide the hip joint; Then use three position synthesis to design a second four-bar function generator to […]

Construction for Three-Position Synthesis of a Four-Bar Linkage

The graphical construction of a four-bar function generator that coordinates three input and three output angles is presented in the video below. It is possible to coordinate as many as five input-output angles, but this requires numerical calculations using software like our MechGen FG iOS application. More notes on Kinematic Synthesis    Also see my book Kinematic […]

Construction of Klann-style Leg Mechanism

In this video, we start with a four-bar linkage and coupler curve and construct an additional crank with a floating link connected to the coupler point. This floating link becomes the leg of the Klann-style leg mechanism. Adjustment of the dimensions of the added links shapes the foot trajectory.