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Kinematic Synthesis of Mechanisms Title Video

This animation was prepared by Yang Liu of a walking machine designed by Mark Plecnik. This is the title video for my new book Kinematic Synthesis of Mechanism: A project based approach. The book contains 82 color figures and 30 animations. It is available as an iBook and a Kindle Interactive book on April 7, […]

Chop Wood Carry Water by R. A. White

R. A. White is the author of Chop Wood Carry Water and Superluminal.  He often writes under the pseudonym R. W. Frost.  Here is his IMDB page.  He is a lecturer in the theater arts program at UCLA, and the director of the Toni Martini Variety Hour.

Smitty’s Video Lectures on Racecar Engineering

Here are Smitty’s video lectures on Introduction to Racecar Engineering assembled into one post. I am sure you will find these 20 videos to be of great value. 01 Getting Started 02 Weight and Balance 03 Strength and Stiffness 04 Chassis Design 05 Suspension Design 06 Shock Absorbers 07 More on Suspensions 08 Springs 09 Steering […]