Fab 03 Hand tools

Smitty’s Fabrication Training Videos

This series of training videos were prepared by Robert “Smitty” Smith to help our engineering students understand the principles of fabrication necessary for project based learning.

Hand Tools



Measurements and Layouts

Metal Forming, Part 1

Metal Forming, Part 2

Cutting, Grinding and Fitting

Basic MIG Welding I



Basic MIG Welding II


Superluminal: Chapters 1-5

Superluminal, the new book by R. W. Frost, follows David Minor’s experiences with MitsukoTek Corporation’s troublesome Satellite 9.  It is the year 2035 and a new technology has swept the globe… Here are Chapters 1 through 5.

Chapter 1 Wanting to be left alone, David finds himself caught up in something uncomfortable.

Chapter 2: David finds he has caught the interest of MitsukoTeK Corporation.

Chapter 3: More on David Minor’s uneasy relationship with MitsukoTek Corporation as he is drawn into helping their wayward Satellite 9.

Chapter 4: David finds that surpassing Siggy and Kwan to get to Satellite 9 may have real benefits.

Chapter 5: David finds Qishu to be more than he expected in Chapter 5 of R. W. Frost’s Superluminal.

(Read by scrolling the image or by using the page down and up buttons at the bottom.)

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