Overview of fabrication techniques useful in project engineering

Fab 03 Hand tools

Smitty’s Fabrication Training Videos

This series of training videos were prepared by Robert “Smitty” Smith to help our engineering students understand the principles of fabrication necessary for project based learning.

Hand Tools



Measurements and Layouts

Metal Forming, Part 1

Metal Forming, Part 2

Cutting, Grinding and Fitting

Basic MIG Welding I



Basic MIG Welding II


Fab 04 Soldering

Fabrication: 04 Soldering

Smitty presents the basic techniques of soldering. Every mechanical system includes electronic parts and careful soldering is critical to ensuring things do not come loose in operation.

Fab 03 Hand tools

Fabrication: 03 Hand Tools

This video describes the hand tools important to project engineering. It also has a nicely produced introduction by UCI’s Learning Center.

Fab 02 Adv MIG

Fabrication: 02 Advanced MIG Welding

This is the second of a series of videos on fabrication techniques for project engineering. This video focusses on a continuous bead where speed control is critical.

Fab 01 Basic MIG

Fabrication: 01 Basic MIG Welding

This is the first of a series of videos that provide basic fabrication training for project engineering. This video presents the basic techniques of MIG welding.

Smitty Training

Smitty’s Engineering Training Videos

The training videos that Smitty developed for our design classes at UCI can be access at the YouTube site: Engineering Training Site.

The videos include basic welding 1 and 2, hand tools, soldering, metal forming 1 and 2, cutting, filing grinding and fitting metal for welding, measurements and layouts, and fasteners.