Introduction to Racecar Engineering

The UCI summer program Introduction to Racecar Engineering concluded with a track day on Saturday, August 3. Select this link to see slideshows of the activities.

Information collected by our 2008 FSAE team

Here is useful information on Racecar Engineering collected by our FSAE 2008 race car team:
1. Select the link: Summer 2007 racecar engineering research
2. Select the link: Fall 2007 racecar engineering research.
This information was assembled in two separate prototype Wiki pages that were recently rediscovered by our 2012 Race team.


Instructional videos on Racecar Engineering

Smitty and I have prepared a series of instructional videos as an introduction to Racecar Engineering.

1. Introduction to the video series:

2. An overview of race car engineering:

3. Principles of suspension design:

4. Discussion of shock absorbers:

5. More on suspension design:

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