DC motor torque and power

A copy of my notes on DC motor torque and power can be downloaded at the link:

Motor Torque and Power

Motor Torque and Power

DC motor basics

The basic principles of DC motors are presented by Joe Wolfe of the University of New South Wales (Sydney, Australia) at the link:

Phyclips from UNSW

Phyclips from UNSW

Northwestern University (Chicago, Illinois) presents the basics of a DC motor in the Wiki page:

Northwestern University Wiki page

Northwestern University Wiki page

Jansen and Klann Legs

Comparison of Klann and Jansen leg linkages

Joseph Klann provided a useful comparison of the leg designs for the Mondo Spider and Theo Jansen’s Strandbeest at this unfortunately dead link: http://www.mechanicalspider.com/comparison.html. I keep in here in case he brings it back.

Here is an excellent web page about the Klann and Jansen leg mechanisms, as well as other leg designs: Dog Feather Designs.

This article compares the leg designs:  Mechanical Spider Using Klann Mechanism

This is a youtube video prepared by William Thielicke that illustrates the two leg mechanisms.

Mondo Spider

Mondo Spider walking machine

This walking machine is known as the Mondo Spider. More information is available at Mondospider.com.

The leg of the mondo spider has the topology known as a Stephenson six-bar and is described in US Patent 6,260,862 awarded to Joseph Klann. Access it through the link:

Wikipedia calls this the Klann linkage which is described here: