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DMG-LIB Library

DMG-LIB.org mechanism library

The Digital Mechanism and Gear Library has a terrific collection of mechanism models, animations and books as well as links to other collections around the world. Select this link DMB-LIB.org.

The Mechanism Description page has a long list of items, every one of which opens to a large number of interesting mechanism systems:

DMG-LIB mechanisms

DMG-LIB mechanisms

ipad screenshot

MechGen Suspension

MechGen SP
MechGen SP

MechGen Suspension is an iPad application that calculates the upper control arm of an independent suspension to provide a desired set of camber angles and wheel travel values for a specified lower control arm. The algorithm is an application of five-position synthesis of a four-bar linkage.

Please see the video below to see how MechGen SP is used to design a suspension.