Smitty 05 Suspension Design

Intro to Racecar Engineering: 05 Suspension Design

Smitty describes the principles of suspension design. 

Smitty 04 Chassis Design

Intro to Racecar Engineering: 04 Chassis Design

Smitty describes the design principles for the chassis of a race car. 

Smitty 03 Strength

Intro to Racecar Engineering: 03 Strength and Stiffness

Smitty shows how the geometry and material work together to provide strength and stiffness. 


Smitty and Prof 02

Intro to Racecar Engineering: 02 Weight and Balance

In this video, Smitty presents the basic techniques for determining the center of gravity of a racecar.  The location of a vehicle’s center of gravity relative to the contact patches of its tires defines the limits of its performance.


Smitty and Prof 01

Intro to Racecar Engineering: 01 Getting Started

This is the first of a series of videos prepared by Robert “Smitty” Smith and Prof. McCarthy on Racecar Engineering. They were recovered recently and I hope to get them all on-line in the coming weeks.

This first video is an overview of all the topics that will be covered and provides a good introduction of the “down to earth” approach of the series, complete with a few seconds of out-of-sync voice over toward the end. I hope you recognize the importance and intelligence of what seem to be simple ideas.