Energy time trial: maximum distance in one hour on $1 worth of the energy of your choice.

UCI Energy Invitational 2013

UCI Energy Invitational 2013

Please join us on May 11, 2013 for the UCI Energy Invitational.

2012 Energy Invitational

2012 UCI Energy Invitational Video


Here is a rough cut of a video of the 2012 UCI Energy Invitational.

The 2012 UCI Energy Invitational was held at Adams Motorsports Park in Riverside, CA. The competition included collegiate teams from UCI, CSULA, UCLA, and Cal Poly Pomona, together with High School race teams from Tustin, Foothill, Esperanza, Pacifica, Los Alamitos and Huntington Beach High Schools as well as two inventor vehicles. The event is a time trial using $1.00 of energy to go a maximum distance in one hour.


EI3 Testing

UCI Vehicle Test Run for EI3


Andre Aranez prepared this video showing the test runs of UCI’s three race cars that are to compete at the 2012 Energy Invitational. Gamma is an all-electric race car with motors at each wheel driven by Litium-ion batteries. Delta is a CNG race car designed for high performance. Epsilon is an FSAE gasoline powered car that won first place in fuel efficiency at the 2011 FSAE California competition.


Vectored electric drive

3rd Year MEs and 4th Year EEs team up to run at EI2

Third year Mechanical Engineering majors joined a team of Electrical Engineering majors from UCI to prepare an all electric vectored drive system for the UCI Energy Invitational. The drive systems for Gamma is shown here.

Vectored electric drive

Vectored electric drive

The vectored drive system consists of 15hp DC motors connected one to each of the rear drive wheels and controlled though a specially designed set of motor controllers.

2010 Energy Invitational

2010 UCI Energy Invitational Video

The UCI Energy Invitational has competitors run on a course that combines highway, autocross and metered idle sections with only $1.00 of the energy of their choice.  This year six entrants competed on May 23, 2010.   Teams from UC Irvine, UC Davis and Cal Poly Pomona formed the collegiate class, and an inventor’s electric three-wheeler, a first generation Honda Insight and a Smarte Car formed the enthusiast class.