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Timing belt theory

ThomasNet provides a link to a useful white paper on Timing Belt Theory by Gates-Mectrol: http://www.thomasnet.com/white-papers/abstract/101106/timing-belt-theory.html Geometric data on timing belt drives can found in the catalog linked to Gates-Mectrol home page: http://www.gatesmectrol.com/

Gear geometry

Gear geometry data is available from PIC Design Inc. which is now part of RBC Bearings at the link: http://pic-designcatalog.com/Images/pdfcat/section_12.pdf Stock Drive Products provides an on-line Handbook of Gears at the website: http://www.sdp-si.com/products/Gears/Index.php The Gleason Gear has a lot of useful information: http://www.gleason.com   The American Gear Manufacturers Association provides standards for sale on-line at […]

Mechanisms videos at Colorado State

Prof. David Alciatore has a large number of videos illustrating machines, physics principles and billiards, including high speed videos.  Video demonstrations of mechanisms can be found at the following site as well as links to much more: https://video-demos.colostate.edu/mechanics/mechanisms/

C. J. Sangwin’s linkage movies

Chris Sangwin has a nice collection of linkage movies at How round is your circle?. Particularly nice are the straight line mechanisms such as Hart’s second straight-line mechanism. His example of the Sarrus linkage is also found on YouTube:

Linkage animations on synthetica

This link connects to a web-page with a number of linkage animations. There are several planar four-bar linkages, several spherical four-bar linkages, and an example of a spatial four-bar linkage called a Bennett linkage that is shown below. This page also includes a number of spherical linkage animations generated by students some years ago. (UCI […]