Another Flower

Another four-bar linkage flower

Mohamed Ali prepared this video of the four-bar linkage he designed with MechGen to guide the pedals of this flower.


MechGen Flower

A four-bar linkage flower

Cameron Turner prepared this video of his four-bar linkage flower. At the end he shows the four-bar linkage that drives the pedals.


MechGen Four-Bar HW

Four-bar linkage design using Mech Gen

This is the first assignment in my graduate mechanism synthesis class. It is supposed to be a flower with petals that open and close guided by a four-bar linkage. I did not realize that the shape I gave them for the petals would look so scary, but maybe it is appropriate for Halloween. This design was developed by Hsuan-Chen Wan.


OSU Mechanism

Shape-morphing linkages

This is an example of a shape-morphing linkage resulting from the research collaboration James Schmiedeler and Andrew Murray. This is an old design dating to when James was a Professor at Ohio State University. He is now at Notre Dame. Andrew Murray is a Professor at the University of Dayton.