MechGen 3 trial

MechGen 3.0 (30 Day Free Trial)

This trial version of Mechanism Generator provides a five-position synthesis feature that generates planar six-bar design candidates. The designer specifies five task positions of a 3R open chain in a SolidWorks sketch that is part of your existing model. MechGen 3.0 reads the sketch and designs a set of six-bar linkages that achieve your goal. A previewer allows you to see the operation of the various linkages. Select the linkage you like and have MechGen create a SolidWorks assembly that you can import directly into your model.

This version includes Browser Mode that allows solutions from the Generator mode to be saved for later use.

The full version is: $1395.00  |  Contact us for educational pricing



System Requirements:
Windows Vista, 7, 8 Operating system
x32 or x64 bit processor
Minimum 1GB RAM
Mathematica 10.0 or newer
Solidworks 2014 or 2014/2015 Academic
We can make adjustments for Mathematica 8.0+, Solidworks 2013 and Solidworks 2013/2014 Academic, but we need to be notified in advance.