Linkage Designs

Kassim Eightbar

Kassim's Eight-bar Linkage

Kassim Abdul-Sater designed this eight-bar linkage to guide a…

Six-bar folding handle

Siqi Shi designed this six-bar linkage to guide a folding handle…
Flower linkage

Six-bar flower

Tim Rasmussen designed this six-bar linkage to guide the petals…
Butterfly six-bar

Six-bar butterfly

Mohamed Ali designed this six-bar linkage to guide the wings…
Another Flower

Another four-bar linkage flower

Mohamed Ali prepared this video of the four-bar linkage he designed…
MechGen Flower

A four-bar linkage flower

Cameron Turner prepared this video of his four-bar linkage flower.…
MechGen Four-Bar HW

Four-bar linkage design using Mech Gen

This is the first assignment in my graduate mechanism synthesis…
OSU Mechanism

Shape-morphing linkages

This is an example of a shape-morphing linkage resulting from…
Spare Tire Linkage

Spare Tire Deployment for a Pickup Truck

This four-bar linkage was designed by Kaustubh Sonawale using…
Adjustable Gripper

Bolt Insertion Six-bar Linkage

This linkage was designed to guide a powered screw driver…
Adjustable Gripper

Rice Transplanter Six-bar

This is a revised version of the rice transplanter linkage…
Adjustable Gripper

Icon A5 Wing Deployment Spherical Linkage

This spherical four-bar linkage was designed by Kaustubh Sonawale…

Spherical Four-bar Linkage Design: Mech Gen 4

This version of Mechanism Generator uses five orientations of…
Adjustable Gripper

Bobbin Linkage for a Rotating Weaver

This linkage is designed to guide the bobbin thread of a…
Adjustable Gripper

Icon A5 spherical four-bar wing linkage

This shows the wing movement of the Icon A5 as guided by a…
Adjustable Gripper

Six-bar gripper with fine adjustment

This is a robotic gripper designed by Andrea Carli and Kaustubh…
Adjustable Gripper

Kinetic Art

This is is an example of the kinetic art of Volkert van der…
Adjustable Gripper

5-SS Steering Linkage

This steering linkage is designed to increase the track,…
Adjustable Gripper

Adjustable spinal implant

Brandon Tsuge and Tim Rasmussen developed this concept for…
Adjustable Gripper

Instrument for spinal implant

This instrument is a six-bar linkage designed to separate vertebral…

Linkage Design Concepts

Jessica Koa designed the flower with petals actuated by six-bar linages.

Link Yun’s flower with six-bar linkages moving the petals.

Benjamin Liu’s Terrarium uses six-bar linkages to open the glass sides.

DJ Fuller’s Jack-o’Lantern uses six-bar linkages to open the segments.

Jessica Kao developed this sofa bed that opens using a six-bar linkage.

Ling Yun used our sofa beg linkage to display a gift.

Design Innovation

Student designs of six-bar linkages

Andrew Brouwer’s six-bar linkage to guide the petals.

Kamil Samaan designed this six-bar linkage.

Bojun Lin’s six-bar linkage guiding the pedals of a flower.

Colin Sledge’s six-bar flower.

Frank Liu’s six-bar flower.

Cameron Turner’s six-bar linkage flower.

Adam Shutt designed this six-bar to guide the opening of the petals of a flower.

Mohamed Ali designed this six-bar to guide the wings of this butterfly.

Tim Rasmussen designed this six-bar linkage to guide the petals of this flower.

Hsuan-chen Wan used MechGen 3 to design a six-bar linkage to guide the petals of the flower.

Student designs of four-bar linkages

Hsuan-chen Wan’s animation of a four-bar linkage that moves the petals of a flower.

Cameron Turner’s design of a flower that moves with a four-bar linkage.

Mohamed Ali’s four-bar linkage for the flower.

Scott Bougie’s animation of his flower design.

Frank Liu’s four-bar linkage design for the petal movement.

Yang Liu’s four-bar linkage flower.

Kamal Samaan’s design of the four-bar linkage driven flower.

The flower designed by Colin Sledge.

This is Andrew Brouwer’s design for the flower.

Adan Amarillas designed this linkage.

Brandon Creager animated a spiral opening for the flower.

Adam Shutts designed this linkage to open the petals.

Bojun Lin designed this flower linkage.

Kelly Lin designed this linkage.

Tim Rasmussen designed the linkage to open and close the flower petals.

This is the four-bar linkage designed by Ryan Kuehne.

Siqi Shi designed this four-bar linkage flower.

Tianming Cheng designed this four-bar linkage flower.

Brendan Smith uses the movement of the petal linkage for a different application.