Entries by Prof. McCarthy

Mondo Spider walking machine

This walking machine is known as the Mondo Spider. More information is available at Mondospider.com. The leg of the mondo spider has the topology known as a Stephenson six-bar and is described in US Patent 6,260,862 awarded to Joseph Klann. Access it through the link:https://patents.google.com/patent/US6260862B1/en Wikipedia calls this the Klann linkage which is described here:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Klann_Linkage

Theo Jansen’s walking machine

Theo Jansen builds amazing walking machines. Each leg is an eight-bar linkage. The Wolfram Demonstration Project models this linkage in a Mathematica notebook. See the link: http://demonstrations.wolfram.com/ATheoJansenWalkingLinkage/   [vimeo]http://vimeo.com/1242383[/vimeo]  

Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing

This is a link to notes on Geometric Design and Tolerancing by Prof. Graeme Britton of Raffles Design Institute, Singapore. A pdf version of Prof. Britton’s lecture is available at: http://synthetica.eng.uci.edu/mechanicaldesign101/GDandT.pdf Here is another excellent set of notes from the Technical College of New Jersey on geometric dimensioning and tolerancing.

2009 Formula SAE California

Here is a link to a facebook album showing the racecars and teams at the 2009 Formula SAE California intercollegiate engineering racecar competition that occurred June 17-21, 2009 at the Auto Club Raceway, Fontana CA. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=89098&id=92647534369

Machine screw dimensions

According to Shigley and Mischke’s Mechanical Engineering Design (McGraw-Hill 1989) experiments show that the tensile stress supported by a threaded rod equals that of a rod with diameter that is the mean of pitch and minor diameters of the threads.  Thus, the tensile stress area of a threaded fastener is computed from the average of its […]

Engine Animation

This YouTube animation shows the animated assembly of a solid model of a four-cylinder engine.  It interesting just to see the number of fasteners, but it is worth waiting for the animation of the four-stroke cycle that occurs about two-thirds through.