Racecar Engineering Videos

UCI Raider

UCI's 2016 Mini-Baja Vehicle

You can follow the UCI race team at the web links: webpage:…
Epsilon is ready

Epsilon is ready for the LA Auto Show

See Epsilon at the 2015 LA Auto Show. This former FSAE racecar…
UCI's 2015 Race Team

UCI's 2015 Race Team

UCI's 2015 race team at the Winter Design Review. On the…

Phantom: The AI-UCI collaboration

The aluminum body developed at Art Institute for our monocoque…

Fabrication Videos

UCI Energy Invitational

2012 Energy Invitational

2012 UCI Energy Invitational Video

  Here is a rough cut of a video of the 2012 UCI Energy…
EI3 Testing

UCI Vehicle Test Run for EI3

  Andre Aranez prepared this video showing the test runs…
Vectored electric drive

3rd Year MEs and 4th Year EEs team up to run at EI2

Third year Mechanical Engineering majors joined a team of Electrical…
2010 Energy Invitational

2010 UCI Energy Invitational Video

The UCI Energy Invitational has competitors run on a course that…