Racecar Engineering Videos

King Pin Inclination

Intro to Racecar Engineering: 11 King Pin Inclination

Smitty describes king pin inclination. This is the eleventh in…
Smitty 10 Caster

Intro to Racecar Engineering: 10 Caster

Smitty describes the set-up of the front wheels and its importance…
Smitty 09 Steering

Into to Racecar Engineering: 09 Steering

Smitty explains steering design.   https://youtu.be/…
Smitty 08 Springs

Intro to Racecar Engineering: 08 Springs

Smitty explains the choice of springs for a suspension. …
Smitty 07 More Suxpension

Intro to Racecar Engineering: 07 More on Suspensions

Smitty describes more about suspension design.   htt…
Smitty 06 Shocks

Intro to Racecar Engineering: 06 Shock Absorbers

Smitty describes the importance of shock absorbers in suspension…
Smitty 05 Suspension Design

Intro to Racecar Engineering: 05 Suspension Design

Smitty describes the principles of suspension design.  …
Smitty 04 Chassis Design

Intro to Racecar Engineering: 04 Chassis Design

Smitty describes the design principles for the chassis of a race…
Smitty 03 Strength

Intro to Racecar Engineering: 03 Strength and Stiffness

Smitty shows how the geometry and material work together to provide…
Smitty and Prof 02

Intro to Racecar Engineering: 02 Weight and Balance

In this video, Smitty presents the basic techniques for determining…

Fabrication Videos

UCI Energy Invitational

2012 Energy Invitational

2012 UCI Energy Invitational Video

  Here is a rough cut of a video of the 2012 UCI Energy…
EI3 Testing

UCI Vehicle Test Run for EI3

  Andre Aranez prepared this video showing the test runs…
Vectored electric drive

3rd Year MEs and 4th Year EEs team up to run at EI2

Third year Mechanical Engineering majors joined a team of Electrical…
2010 Energy Invitational

2010 UCI Energy Invitational Video

The UCI Energy Invitational has competitors run on a course that…