Racecar Engineering

2009 Formula SAE CA

Photos: 2011 UCI Energy Invitational

Lee-Huang Chen and Corey Sandler have posted photos from our…
Another view of UCI's Delta CNG-Electric racecar

UCI Seniors prepare Delta for the Energy Invitational

The UCI Delta racecar has a CNG 450cc engine combined with…
Vectored electric drive

3rd Year MEs and 4th Year EEs team up to run at EI2

Third year Mechanical Engineering majors joined a team of Electrical…
UCIs Beta Car

1st and 2nd Year UCI Students to run in EI2

First and second year Engineering students at UCI have prepared…
Saddleback College Formula V

Saddleback College joins 2011 Energy Invitational

Saddleback College will run their Formula V at the 2011 UCI…
Chipman's Electric Car

Philip Chipman's Electric Wind to compete in EI2

Phil Chipman, a local inventor, is returning to the UCI Energy…
UCLA Supermileage

UCLA Supermileage may join Energy Invitational

Melody Vo of the UCLA Super mileage team reports that the change…
Brian Wang 1

Brian Wang to compete in the Energy Invitational

Brian Wang has sent some photographs of the vehicle he plans…
Schedule for 2011 Energy Invitational

2011 UCI Energy Invitational

The 2011 UCI Energy Invitational will be at Willow Springs…
2010 FSAE California

2010 Formula SAE California

The Formula SAE California collegiate race car engineering competition…
2010 Energy Invitational

2010 UCI Energy Invitational Video

The UCI Energy Invitational has competitors run on a course…
2009 Formula SAE CA

2009 Formula SAE California

Here is a link to a facebook album showing the racecars and teams…


Introduction to Racecar Engineering

The UCI summer program Introduction to Racecar Engineering concluded with a track day on Saturday, August 3. Select this link to see slideshows of the activities.

Instructional videos on Racecar Engineering

Smitty and I have prepared a series of instructional videos as an introduction to Racecar Engineering.

1. Introduction to the video series:

2. An overview of race car engineering:

3. Principles of suspension design:

4. Discussion of shock absorbers:

5. More on suspension design: