Racecar Engineering

2016 Energy Invitational

2016 UCI Energy Invitational Video

Here at UCI we are hard at work on three different race cars…
UCI Raider

UCI's 2016 Mini-Baja Vehicle

You can follow the UCI race team at the web links: webpage:…
2015 Energy Invitational

2015 UCI Energy Invitational Video

This video shows highlights of the 2015 Energy Invitational on…
Epsilon is ready

Epsilon is ready for the LA Auto Show

See Epsilon at the 2015 LA Auto Show. This former FSAE racecar…
2015 EIVI Race Teams

The Race Teams at the 2015 Energy Invitational

The Race Teams at the 2015 Energy Invitational, May 24,…

2015 Energy Invitational Layouts

Here are the organization layouts for the 2015 Energy Invitational. …
2015 EIVI Heat Schedule

2015 Energy Invitational: Heat Schedule

This is the list of participants and the heat schedule for…
Rescue Robotics

Patches for the Energy Invitational and Rescue Robotics Challenge

This is the participant patch for the 2015 Energy Invitational…
2014 EI5 patch

2014 Energy Invitational Video

As preparations continue for the 2015 UCI Energy Invitational,…
UCI's 2015 Race Team

UCI's 2015 Race Team

UCI's 2015 race team at the Winter Design Review. On the…
2015 Energy Invitational

2015 UCI Energy Invitational

The 2015 UCI Energy Invitational is scheduled for May 24,…

Phantom: The AI-UCI collaboration

The aluminum body developed at Art Institute for our monocoque…
California Challenge Tustin

KOCE reports on the California Challenge

This video is a news report on the UCI California Challenge:…
California Challenge Test Day

Preparing for the California Challenge

Some of the cars being prepared for the California Challenge…
California Challenge Header

The California Challenge at the Solar Decathlon

The California Challenge joins three energy efficient racing…
2013 Energy Invitational

2013 Energy Invitational: Video

Race teams from 20 high schools and colleges competed in…
2013 EI slideshow
Foothill HS at EI4

Energy Invitational 2013 Photographs

Photographs from the Energy Invitational 2013 can be seen…
CSUN FSAE race team

CSUN FSAE joins the 2013 Energy Invitational

The California State University Northridge Formula SAE race…
CSULA supermileage race team

CSULA Supermileage joins 2013 Energy Invitational

The California State University Los Angeles supermileage race…


Introduction to Racecar Engineering

The UCI summer program Introduction to Racecar Engineering concluded with a track day on Saturday, August 3. Select this link to see slideshows of the activities.

Instructional videos on Racecar Engineering

Smitty and I have prepared a series of instructional videos as an introduction to Racecar Engineering.

1. Introduction to the video series:

2. An overview of race car engineering:

3. Principles of suspension design:

4. Discussion of shock absorbers:

5. More on suspension design: