Racecar Engineering

Smitty 10 Caster

Intro to Racecar Engineering: 10 Caster

Smitty describes the set-up of the front wheels and its importance to the driver’s control. 

Smitty 09 Steering

Into to Racecar Engineering: 09 Steering

Smitty explains steering design.  

Smitty 08 Springs

Intro to Racecar Engineering: 08 Springs

Smitty explains the choice of springs for a suspension. 

Smitty 07 More Suxpension

Intro to Racecar Engineering: 07 More on Suspensions

Smitty describes more about suspension design.  

Smitty 06 Shocks

Intro to Racecar Engineering: 06 Shock Absorbers

Smitty describes the importance of shock absorbers in suspension design. 


Smitty 05 Suspension Design

Intro to Racecar Engineering: 05 Suspension Design

Smitty describes the principles of suspension design. 

Smitty 04 Chassis Design

Intro to Racecar Engineering: 04 Chassis Design

Smitty describes the design principles for the chassis of a race car. 

Smitty 03 Strength

Intro to Racecar Engineering: 03 Strength and Stiffness

Smitty shows how the geometry and material work together to provide strength and stiffness. 


Smitty and Prof 02

Intro to Racecar Engineering: 02 Weight and Balance

In this video, Smitty presents the basic techniques for determining the center of gravity of a racecar.  The location of a vehicle’s center of gravity relative to the contact patches of its tires defines the limits of its performance.


Smitty and Prof 01

Intro to Racecar Engineering: 01 Getting Started

This is the first of a series of videos prepared by Robert “Smitty” Smith and Prof. McCarthy on Racecar Engineering. They were recovered recently and I hope to get them all on-line in the coming weeks.

This first video is an overview of all the topics that will be covered and provides a good introduction of the “down to earth” approach of the series, complete with a few seconds of out-of-sync voice over toward the end. I hope you recognize the importance and intelligence of what seem to be simple ideas.

UCI Raider

UCI’s 2016 Mini-Baja Vehicle

You can follow the UCI race team at the web links:

This video shows the initial testing of UCI’s entry for the 2016 SAE Mini-Baja competition.

Epsilon is ready

Epsilon is ready for the LA Auto Show

Epsilon is ready

Epsilon is ready

See Epsilon at the 2015 LA Auto Show. This former FSAE racecar is now UCI’s research vehicle for an innovative torque-vectoring electric drive system. The body is by a team at the Art Institute of Orange County.

UCI's 2015 Race Team

UCI’s 2015 Race Team

UCI's 2015 Race Team

UCI’s 2015 Race Team

UCI’s 2015 race team at the Winter Design Review. On the left is Zeta an all-electric Formula SAE racecar that will compete at the UCI Energy Invitational, and on the right is Savage which is a combustion engine driven FSAE racecar that will compete at FSAE Lincoln in Nebraska


Phantom: The AI-UCI collaboration



The aluminum body developed at Art Institute for our monocoque racecar Phantom on display in the Engineering Gateway building at UCI.

Here is another look.

Phantom 2

Phantom 2

The UCI summer program Introduction to Racecar Engineering concluded with a track day on Saturday, August 3. Select this link to see slideshows of the activities.