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Draws Linkages in SolidWorks – 1.8

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Planar Four-Bar/Six-Bar Mechanism and Spherical Four-Bar Mechanism Generator:

This product generates SolidWorks parts files and an assembly for solid models of four-bar/six-bar planar mechanisms and now can generate spherical four-bar linkages. ┬áIt works both as a stand-alone .exe file or can be executed from inside Solidworks. The format for dimensions of the four-bar or six-bar linkage coordinates match linkage synthesis theory found in freely available Mathematica notebooks. Several “themes” for the link cross-sections are provided, including an “H” bar, “T” bar, rectangular, and square. Spherical links are limited to a rectangular cross section at this point in time. There is also an option to create a mirror linkage allowing a design with double-shear joints. Options to change link size, bearing diameter and scale the linkage are also available.

Our newest version allows for a sample of a slider-crank planar linkage, planar eight-bar linkage and spherical six-bar linkage to be generated for the user to explore. The sample feature will be later expanded so the current sample linkages will have all the link theme and dimension options four-bar and six-bar linkages currently have.

Eventually, the scope of the project will include a c++ version of the mathematica files that we can integrate into mechanism generator, allowing the program to generate solutions independent of mathematica. The program will generate a list of possible design candidates that can be selected in a browser metaphor and generated in SolidWorks. We are also working on a DirectX and OpenGL add-in for the software in which the designer can preview the linkage in the main window prior to generating in Solidworks.

See Our Mathematica Notebooks on the Linkage Synthesis Page

Mathematica notebooks for five-position synthesis of a four-bar linkage and for synthesis of an RR-constraint for a given RR chain are available on the Linkage Synthesis page. Contact Prof. McCarthy.

Current Version: 1.8

Supported Systems:

  • Windows XP, Vista and 7. x32 and x64 platforms
  • Solidworks 2010, 2009, 2008
  • Solidworks Educational Edition 2010 (Solidworks 2009)
  • Solidworks Educational Edition 2009 (Solidwork 2008)

Other Resources:

SW Solution Partner

SW Solution Partner

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To receive technical support, please contact Alex Arredondo