MD101 Links to Linkage Designs

Butterfly drawing mechanism

Design of Drawing Mechanisms Animation. This mechanical…
MotionGen Horse

Motion Gen Linkage Design App

MotionGen is a planar four-bar linkage simulation and synthesis…
Elliptic curve drawing

Mechanical computation and algebraic curves

Animation.  Here is Yang Liu's animation of the mechanical…
Introduction to Linkages

Trifolium using contra-parallelograms

Yang Liu shows that a simple linkage can draw the trifolium curve. For…
Fourier Curve Tracing

Fourier Curve Tracing

This is the latest from Yang Liu. It is a mechanical synthesis…

SIAM News: Biologically inspired linkage design

This article by Jon Hauenstein with me for SIAM News (Society…
Heart Linkage

Heart Trajectory

This mechanical system was designed by Yang Liu to trace…
Folding Bicycle

Full Size Folding Bicycle

Michael Sutherland and his team at Zennen Engineering designed…
Target Profiles for Morphing Linkage

Actuating Morphing Linkages

Lawrence Funke and Prof. James Schmiedeler of the University…
Origami Art BYU
, ,

Origami Art at BYU

Mechanical engineering students in Prof. Larry Howell's Compliant…
Leg Mechanisms

Walking Machines

An outcome of Mark Plecnik's research on the kinematic synthesis…
A six-bar linkage designed to fold a structure

Six-bar linkage folds a structure

This six-bar linkage was designed to deploy and stow a structure.…
Introduction to Linkages

Eight-bar Port Closure Tool

This port closure tool curls back on itself to provide internal…
Four-bar function generator

Four-bar function generator: Open a door

Select this link, Four-bar linkages, for a Geogebra book…
Introduction to Linkages

Introduction to Linkages

Please select this link to open the Geogebra Book containing…
Introduction to Linkages

Linkage Design for Wing Flapping

Mark Plecnik shows that six-bar function generators can be…
Introduction to Linkages

3D Printed Demining Training Aids

Training people to diffuse landmines and other live ordnance…
Introduction to Linkages

Eight-bar motion amplifier

Kaustubh Sonawale and Yang Liu worked together on this design…
Introduction to Linkages

Rectilinear eight-bar suspension

This is a design concept for a rectilinear eight-bar suspension.…

Linkage Design Concepts

Student designs of six-bar linkages

Andrew Brouwer’s six-bar linkage to guide the petals.

Kamil Samaan designed this six-bar linkage.

Bojun Lin’s six-bar linkage guiding the pedals of a flower.

Colin Sledge’s six-bar flower.

Frank Liu’s six-bar flower.

Cameron Turner’s six-bar linkage flower.

Adam Shutt designed this six-bar to guide the opening of the petals of a flower.

Mohamed Ali designed this six-bar to guide the wings of this butterfly.

Tim Rasmussen designed this six-bar linkage to guide the petals of this flower.

Hsuan-chen Wan used MechGen 3 to design a six-bar linkage to guide the petals of the flower.

Student designs of four-bar linkages

Hsuan-chen Wan’s animation of a four-bar linkage that moves the petals of a flower.

Cameron Turner’s design of a flower that moves with a four-bar linkage.

Mohamed Ali’s four-bar linkage for the flower.

Scott Bougie’s animation of his flower design.

Frank Liu’s four-bar linkage design for the petal movement.

Yang Liu’s four-bar linkage flower.

Kamal Samaan’s design of the four-bar linkage driven flower.

The flower designed by Colin Sledge.

This is Andrew Brouwer’s design for the flower.

Adan Amarillas designed this linkage.

Brandon Creager animated a spiral opening for the flower.

Adam Shutts designed this linkage to open the petals.

Bojun Lin designed this flower linkage.

Kelly Lin designed this linkage.

Tim Rasmussen designed the linkage to open and close the flower petals.

This is the four-bar linkage designed by Ryan Kuehne.

Siqi Shi designed this four-bar linkage flower.

Tianming Cheng designed this four-bar linkage flower.

Brendan Smith uses the movement of the petal linkage for a different application.