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Mentoring program for collegiate competition teams

Mentor program for collegiate competition projects


SAE is a leader in demonstrating the importance of major engineering competition projects to engineering education. Colleges around the world have adopted this model and included FSAE and similar competitions as part of their educational program. Despite budget limitations, universities are increasingly moving to major competition projects to develop and demonstrate the engineering skills of their students.

The excitement of building and testing remote controlled airplanes, autonomous underwater vehicles, Mini-Baja and FSAE racecars and other projects attracts students and provides them meaningful experience in team engineering, as well as the opportunity to prove their skills to potential employers. Industrial mentors are needed to team with the faculty advisors in order to ensure the student engineers get the most of these experiences.


UCI Rocket launch

Here is a video of the launch of the 2011 UCI Rocket. Congratulations team!

Photos from Thursday, 2011 FSAE California

Select this link to access the SAE SoCal section facebook page with photos of activities on Thursday of the 2011 FSAE California.

2011 UCI Engineering Winter Design Review

This is a video of the 2011 Engineering Winter Design Review for UCI. 80 student projects of over 500 engineering seniors were on display for external industry reviewers as well as over 200 Orange County High School students.

UCI Fall 2010 Soccerbots

Entering UCI engineering students designed, built, and tested RC controlled soccerbots. They competed three on three at the end of the Fall 2010 quarter. This video may be a little over the top, but it does capture the fun.

Autonomous Table Soccer at UCI

The student project for UCI’s MAE 106 mechanical systems laboratory uses a pneumatic kicker to deflect two balls away from its own goal and push them toward the opponents goal.