Lecture notes on specific topics.

Smitty Training

Smitty’s Engineering Training Videos

The training videos that Smitty developed for our design classes at UCI can be access at the YouTube site: Engineering Training Site.

The videos include basic welding 1 and 2, hand tools, soldering, metal forming 1 and 2, cutting, filing grinding and fitting metal for welding, measurements and layouts, and fasteners.

Spherical Fourbar

Spherical Four-Bar Linkages

Here is something new. Our Mathematica notebook can find defect-free spherical four-bar linkages that guide a body through five orientations in a tolerance zone near a specified set of task orientations.

21st Century Kinematics

21st Century Kinematics

This is a draft of my editorial on 21st Century Kinematics for the Journal of Mechanisms and Robotics. It is a follow-up to my previous editorial on Kinematics, Polynomials and Computers. I would welcome your feedback.

Kinematics and Computers

Kinematics, Polynomials and Computers–A Brief History

Select this link to the .pdf of Kinematics, Polynomials, and Computers–A Brief History, which is a summary of the history of the kinematics of mechanisms and robotics with a focus on the challenge of solving the polynomial equations that arise in their study.  It is a draft of my February 2011 editorial for the ASME Journal of Mechanisms and Robotics.
***Update*** This version has a correction to references [29] and [30].

Mathematica Notebook for Linkage Synthesis

Mathematica Notebook for Four-Bar Linkage Synthesis

Mathematica File for Linkage Synthesis

Mathematica File for Linkage Synthesis

Select this link to download our Mathematica notebook for four-bar linkage synthesis. It will download as a textfile, so delete the .txt extension, then Mathematica should be able to read it. If you have an problems, please contact me.

This notebook is an example of the type of programs that I use to teach mechanism theory. In my courses students generate their own notebooks like this for the analysis and synthesis of various linkages. The program is not optimized in any way.

This particular notebook does provide a new capability. It uses a randomized search in tolerance zones near the required task positions to find linkages that do not have well-known defects. Cut and paste the text file output into our Mechanism Generator software to automatically generate a SolidWorks model of the linkage and task.

Cam Driven Artist

Cam-driven artist mechanical toy

This video shows the operation of a cam-driven toy artist.

I found it on Dug North’s Automata/Automaton blog, http://dugnorth.com/blog/

My class notes on cam-follower systems can be downloaded at the link: http://synthetica.eng.uci.edu/mechanicaldesign101/McCarthyNotes-Cams2.pdf

Lecture notes on cam-follower systems

Lecture notes on cam-follower systems

Delft Models

Linkage models at TU-Delft

Prof. A. J. Klein Breteler maintains an array of mechanism models at TU-Delft. Access videos of these models at the site:  Linkage Models

Whiteboard models TU-Delft

Linkage models TU-Delft

Elementary Robotics

Elementary Robotics

The basic properties of robots can developed by studying planar serial chains. Select this link for my notes on elementary robotics:

Elementary Robotics

Elementary Robotics

Intro to Mechanisms

CMU’s Introduction to Mechanisms

Yi Zhang, Susan Finger and Stephannie Behrens have prepared an on-line introduction to mechanisms consisting of eight chapters and almost 100 figures. Access it at the link:

Slider-crank analysis

Four-bar linkage analysis: Slider-crank

The slider-crank is an important mechanism with a wide range of applications. Here are my notes on its kinematic analysis.

Slider-crank analysis

Slider-crank analysis