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Lecture notes on specific topics.

“Kinematics and Polynomials” Available on a Mac

23 October, 2013 (18:11) | Lecture Notes | By: Prof. McCarthy

Until yesterday, my iBooks Introduction to Theoretical Kinematics and Kinematics and Polynomials were available only on the iPad, but now with OSX Mavericks they are available on any Mac. Please give it a try. You can download a sample at this link: Kinematics and Polynomials sample.

Kinematics and Polynomials available for pre-order

28 September, 2013 (06:01) | Lecture Notes | By: Prof. McCarthy

My iBook Kinematics and Polynomials is now available for preorder on iTunes. You can see a preview at this link. At 75MB it is considered a relatively large download.

The goal is a presentation of the analysis and synthesis of kinematic systems that relies on the theory of polynomials. I wanted to include some Mathematica code by means of video screen capture and some animations. The iBook format makes this convenient, however the size of the document increases rapidly with each video.

Currently, it can only be seen on an iPad, but this is supposed to change soon, because the OSX Mavericks operation system is to include an iBooks application.

Kinematics and Polynomials in Brief to be released soon

20 September, 2013 (19:50) | Lecture Notes | By: Prof. McCarthy

Kinematics and Polynomials

Kinematics and Polynomials

My latest attempt at ePublishing is an iBook called Kinematics and Polynomials in Brief. It will be available on October 1, 2013. It is about 50 pages and includes six short videos, which unfortunately add up to about 75MB. This is about three times the size of Introduction to Theoretical Kinematics, though  about half the number of pages. It is also about six times what is recommended for a book download.

The extra MB arise from short videos of Mathematica algorithms that perform example calculations presented in the text. Actually, most of the videos show me silently executing the Mathematica commands, but I do talk in two of them, which significantly increases their size.  If you are interested in the Mathematica files, please contact me.

Six-bar Linkage Design for Mechanical Computation

1 August, 2013 (03:33) | Lecture Notes, Linkage Animations, Robotics Information | By: Prof. McCarthy

Six-bar linkages

Six-bar linkages

Our paper Numerical Synthesis of Six-bar Linkages for Mechanical Computation provides the mathematical theory that underlies the synthesis of a six-bar linkage with an input-output relationship that approximates a specified function. This describes how the Stephenson III six-bar linkage that sets the elevation for a ballistic trajectory was designed.

Mechanical Advantage

14 May, 2013 (15:02) | Lecture Notes, Linkage Animations | By: Prof. McCarthy

YouTube Preview Image
This video from the University of Dayton narrated by Prof. Andrew Murray provides an excellent illustration of the important concept of mechanical advantage.

Introduction to Theoretical Kinematics

29 March, 2013 (00:16) | Lecture Notes, Robotics Information | By: Prof. McCarthy

Introduction to Theoretical Kinematics

Introduction to Theoretical Kinematics

My 1990 book is now on-line as an iBook. It is available as of March 31, 2013. This 2013 version has corrections to errors and language, and includes a glossary and animations of various linkage systems. I hope you like it.

You can see it at the link: Introduction to Theoretical Kinematics.

A. Svoboda: Computing Mechanisms and Linkages

23 December, 2012 (18:43) | Lecture Notes | By: Prof. McCarthy

Svoboda:  Computing mechanisms and linkages

Svoboda: Computing mechanisms and linkages

Select this link to download a .pdf version of A. Svoboda, Computing Mechanisms and Linkages, Dover Publications, 1965, (17MB). This book was originally published by McGraw-Hill in 1948.

A. B. Kempe: How To Draw A Straight Line

23 December, 2012 (18:32) | Lecture Notes | By: Prof. McCarthy

Kempe: How to draw a straight line

Kempe: How to draw a straight line

Select this link to download a .pdf version of A. B. Kempe, How to Draw a Straight Line, MacMillan and Co., London, 1877. (1.8MB)

Workshop Presentations: 21st Century Kinematics

19 August, 2012 (04:34) | Commentary, Lecture Notes | By: Prof. McCarthy

21st Century Kinematics

21st Century Kinematics

The NSF Workshop on 21st Century Kinematics at the 2012 ASME IDETC Conference in Chicago, IL on August 11-12, 2012 consisted of a series of presentations and a book of supporting material prepared by the workshop contributors.

The book is now available at 21st Century Kinematics–The 2012 NSF Workshop.

And here are the seven primary presentations given at the workshop.

  1. Computer-Aided Invention of Mechanisms and Robots. J. Michael McCarthy, Professor, University of California, Irvine.
  2. Mechanism Synthesis for Modeling Human Movement. Vincenzo Parenti-Castelli, Professor, University of Bologna.
  3. Algebraic Geometry and Kinematic Synthesis. Manfred Husty, Professor, University of Innsbruck.
  4. Kinematic Synthesis of Compliant Mechanisms. Larry Howell, Professor, Brigham Young University.
  5. Kinematics and Numerical Algebraic Geometry. Charles Wampler, Technical Fellow, General Motors Research and Development.
  6. Kinematic Analysis of Cable Robotic Systems. Vijay Kumar, Professor, University of Pennsylvania.
  7. Protein Kinematics. Kazem Kazerounian, Professor, University of Connecticut.

Colleagues joined in with two additional presentations:

Many thanks to the contributors and the attendees for an outstanding workshop.

21st Century Kinematics: Workshop Schedule

2 August, 2012 (15:13) | Lecture Notes, Robotics Information | By: Prof. McCarthy

Here is the schedule for the IDETC/NSF Workshop on 21st Century Kinematics:

Workshop Schedule:  21st Century Kinematics

Workshop Schedule: 21st Century Kinematics