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Sources for engineering data on parts and materials.

Singular Designs is now on-line

4 August, 2014 (04:17) | Engineering Data | By: Prof. McCarthy

MechGen 3

MechGen 3

Please see our Singular Designs web-site. We look forward to providing our MechGen synthesis software to simplify your linkage design process in SolidWorks. Also see Mechanism Generator.

Waldron Fest: May 16-17, 2013

18 May, 2013 (22:24) | Engineering Data, Linkage Animations, Robotics Information | By: Prof. McCarthy

Waldron Inspires

Waldron Inspires

This poster was prepared as a gift to Ken Waldron on his 70th birthday and given to him at a conference organized in his honor. Anuj Taneja generated the SolidWorks model in 2006 from the original drawings of the Adaptive Suspension Vehicle. I recently found the electronic files and Kaustubh Sonawale generated the four-view drawing. The ASV is an important feat of engineering and the stories shared by those who worked on it were wonderful.

Spherical Four-bar Linkage Design: Mech Gen 4

25 August, 2012 (07:17) | Engineering Data, Linkage Animations | By: Prof. McCarthy

YouTube Preview Image

This version of Mechanism Generator uses five orientations of a moving body to design a spherical four-bar linkage. As with other versions of Mech Gen the system searches in tolerance zones around the task positions to find a number of useful designs. This is more good work by the team of Alex Arredondo and Kaustubh Sonawale.

Design Exchange and HCD Connect

9 July, 2012 (15:10) | Engineering Data, Student Projects | By: Prof. McCarthy

Interesting examples of web-sites designed to share information about project engineering methods and practice can be found at the two following sites:

Design Exchange

Design Exchange

1. The Design Exchange site managed by Celeste Roschuni of the Berkeley Expert Systems Technologies Laboratory under the direction of Prof. Alice Agogino.


IDEO’s HCDconnect

2. The company IDEO, whose principal Dave Kelly is associated with Stanford’s d.School, has established a non-profit effort funded by Bill and Melinda Gates called which has built HCDConnect.

Mechanism Generator 2.0 (MechGen 2)

6 January, 2012 (07:46) | Engineering Data, Linkage Animations | By: Prof. McCarthy

We have a trial version of our Mechanism Generator 2.0 software available. MechGen 2 reads five task positions of a moving part in SolidWorks and generates a set of linkages that approximate the positions within specified tolerances. An animation previewer shows how each linkage moves. Select one and MechGen 2 generates the solid model of the linkage.

This video demonstrates the operation of MechGen 2:
YouTube Preview Image
This is the result of excellent work by Alex Arredondo and Kaustubh Sonawale.

Instruments for Natural Philosophy

13 December, 2011 (14:31) | Engineering Data, Lecture Notes | By: Prof. McCarthy

This site has photographs of a large number of devices used to teach physics. It is fascinating.
Select the link:

Technical information for mechanical components

11 June, 2010 (05:55) | Engineering Data | By: Prof. McCarthy

Stock Drive Products Logo

Stock Drive Products Logo

Stock Drive Products has an array of downloadable catalogs with technical information for a range of mechanical components.  See the link: Stock Drive Products Catalogs

Mechanism Generator

9 May, 2010 (00:45) | Engineering Data | By: Prof. McCarthy

If you are interested in the Mechanism Generator SolidWorks add-in, then please contact Alex Arredondo. You can contact Prof. McCarthy for Mathematica design routines.

SolidWorks Mechanism Generator

8 May, 2010 (05:17) | Engineering Data, Robotics Information | By: Prof. McCarthy

Mechanism Generator

Mechanism Generator is a SolidWorks add-in that assists in generating solid models of four-bar and six-bar linkages. It designed to be used in coordination with our Mathematica design software, which is freely available.

Parallel Mechanisms information center

19 July, 2009 (17:54) | Engineering Data, Robotics Information | By: Prof. McCarthy

Ilian Bonev maintains bibliography and patent databases on parallel mechanisms and much more at ParallelMIC. Access it at the link

Parallel Mechanisms information center

Parallel Mechanisms information center