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DC motor basics

The basic principles of DC motors are presented by Joe Wolfe of the University of New South Wales (Sydney, Australia) at the link: http://www.animations.physics.unsw.edu.au/jw/electricmotors.html Northwestern University (Chicago, Illinois) presents the basics of a DC motor in the Wiki page: http://hades.mech.northwestern.edu/index.php/Brushed_DC_Motor_Theory

Mechanical Properties of Steel

The MatWeb site provides detailed information about materials such as the tensile strength of various compositions of steel. For example the search “low carbon steel” results in the list of links to information: http://www.matweb.com/search/QuickText.aspx?SearchText=low%20carbon%20steel

Unified Numbering System for Materials

There are a variety of numbering systems for materials such as steel. The unified numbering system (UNS) uses a letter to designate a material category followed by five numbers constructed from the existing materials designations to coordinate all of these numbering systems. The unified numbering system (UNS) is described in Wikipedia at the link: Unified […]

Comparison of Klann and Jansen leg linkages

Joseph Klann provides a useful comparison of the leg designs for his Mondo Spider and Theo Jansen’s Strandbeest at the link: http://www.mechanicalspider.com/comparison.html This link may be unreliable so here is an interesting article comparing the leg designs:  Mechanical Spider Using Klann Mechanism This is a youtube video prepared by William Thielicke that illustrates the two leg mechanisms.