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Month: October, 2011

Smitty and the Professor

19 October, 2011 (07:10) | Automotive Information | By: Prof. McCarthy

Smitty and I have been working on a series of videos for an introduction to race car engineering. Please look for them at the link: Smitty and the Professor

Mentoring program for collegiate competition teams

14 October, 2011 (17:57) | Student Projects | By: Prof. McCarthy

Mentor program for collegiate competition projects


SAE is a leader in demonstrating the importance of major engineering competition projects to engineering education. Colleges around the world have adopted this model and included FSAE and similar competitions as part of their educational program. Despite budget limitations, universities are increasingly moving to major competition projects to develop and demonstrate the engineering skills of their students.

The excitement of building and testing remote controlled airplanes, autonomous underwater vehicles, Mini-Baja and FSAE racecars and other projects attracts students and provides them meaningful experience in team engineering, as well as the opportunity to prove their skills to potential employers. Industrial mentors are needed to team with the faculty advisors in order to ensure the student engineers get the most of these experiences.


Racecar Engineering

7 October, 2011 (06:37) | Automotive Information, Student Projects | By: Prof. McCarthy

Some years ago my 2008 FSAE team prepared Wiki pages with background information for racecar engineering. Those pages were recently rediscovered by our 2012 team. There is a lot of interesting and useful information. Please see the links:
1. Summer 2007 racecar research; and
2. Fall 2007 racecar research.

2012 UCI Energy Invitational

4 October, 2011 (06:26) | Automotive Information, Student Projects | By: Prof. McCarthy

Planning for the 2012 Energy Invitational is underway. Please sign up at the website Energy Invitational to get more information.