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Month: May, 2010

2010 UCI Energy Invitational, Irvine CA

30 May, 2010 (16:14) | Automotive Information, Student Projects | By: Prof. McCarthy

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The UCI Energy Invitational has competitors run on a course that combines highway, autocross and metered idle sections with only $1.00 of the energy of their choice. ¬†This year six entrants competed on May 23, 2010. ¬† Teams from UC Irvine, UC Davis and Cal Poly Pomona formed the collegiate class, and an inventor’s electric three-wheeler, a first generation Honda Insight and a Smarte Car formed the enthusiast class.

Mechanism Generator

9 May, 2010 (00:45) | Engineering Data | By: Prof. McCarthy

If you are interested in the Mechanism Generator SolidWorks add-in, then please contact Alex Arredondo. You can contact Prof. McCarthy for Mathematica design routines.

SolidWorks Mechanism Generator

8 May, 2010 (05:17) | Engineering Data, Robotics Information | By: Prof. McCarthy

Mechanism Generator

Mechanism Generator is a SolidWorks add-in that assists in generating solid models of four-bar and six-bar linkages. It designed to be used in coordination with our Mathematica design software, which is freely available.